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Sophia Ly

Director - co-founder

Sophia acquired her artistic and professional background at the Taiwan Fine Arts, where she refined her artistic skills. With her diploma in hand, she left for an international experience and it was in Singapore that she began her career in the field of technology as a salesperson. This commercial experience allows him to refine his financial analysis and financial growth capabilities.

The real estate market in Asia being very dynamic, Sophia quickly identified the importance of investing in this safe and profitable sector. So in 2009, she launched and made her first acquisition in real estate, with a dual objective: to have a home while considering the possibility of rental income in positive cash flow. It is with determination and dexterity that she successfully unearths a property that has sought-after characteristics with a view to added value on resale.

Her ability to identify good deals led her to travel across Asia in search of real estate opportunities, but it was in France that she ultimately focused her efforts on rental real estate. Sophia began by acquiring classic properties, initially ideal as primary residences, then innovated by transforming these spaces into shared accommodation. She has created pleasant and functional spaces that adapt well to the needs and constraints of shared accommodation. All while perfectly controlling your renovation work and furnishing budget.

It recognized the potential for increased profitability of this approach, compared to bare and simply furnished rentals, and managed to significantly increase its cash flow. Motivated by this success, it diversified by exploring short-term rentals, adapting its properties to meet travelers' expectations, always keeping an eye on the financial aspect to maintain high rental profitability without sacrificing comfort and functional aspect of the housing it creates.

In addition to her talents in financial management and property optimization, Sophia is deeply committed to the success and well-being of her teams and clients. She firmly believes that collective success contributes to everyone’s satisfaction.

Don't hesitate to chat with Sophia, you will quickly understand why her view makes her a formidable optimizer of rental profitability.

Sophia Ly

Professional collaborator
n°ADC 5906 2024 0000 00004 issued by the CCI of Grand Lille

We can be reached at 09 70 70 95 22

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