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Rental management

Our rental management, whether complete or à la carte, provides a solution adapted to each owner according to their desired level of involvement, their experience in property management, and their financial objectives, guaranteeing an optimized rental experience for both the owner. only for the tenant.

You can choose our services both à la carte, or offer yourself peace of mind with complete rental management for your rental.

A la carte rental management services

You choose the service you need for the management of your property

  • Tenant search

  • Administrative management

  • Management of rental charges

  • Inventory upon arrival

  • State of fixtures

  • Household

  • Restoration of accommodation after tenant departure

Complete rental management

We have developed 2 management offers that adapt to the nature of your rental

> Year-round management

This is suitable for furnished rentals for medium and long periods

> Optimized management

This is suitable for those who want to maximize their rental income

Interested in our services

Do you like our services? Contact us for more information.

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