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Accompaniement investor

We guide and advise you through the different stages of acquiring rental property. We simplify the investment process by allowing you to better navigate the legal, tax and financial aspects of real estate investing.

Our approach


Visualization of the property

This step consists of seeing the property in person in order to provide you with our point of view concerning the location, the actual condition of the property and its interior structuring which determine the potential of the accommodation as a whole. At this stage we tell you if it is a Go or No Go to continue the evaluation of the interest of this property.


Validation of technical feasibility

We determine with you a typical rental project for the targeted property which is the most relevant in terms of budget / rental income, linked to the transformation and development. This stage also includes validation of the technical feasibility intrinsic to the project and the nature of the property.


Verification of implementing partners

Make quotes in correspondence with the target project from the various craftsmen involved; check their reliability, budgetary and planning consistency. This includes aspects of structural work, finishing work, finishing, decoration and furnishing. We only recommend speakers with assurances about their intervention.


Holistic monitoring

For your project to hold up and come to fruition, the regulatory, legal, tax and financial aspects are discussed with specialists and experts in their field of intervention, in order to have peace of mind about the completion of the project in its entirety. The people we work with are people with whom we have worked for a long time and always provide good advice.

Our other consulting activities

Be accompanied to... have a personalized service to optimize your real estate investments, ensuring that your financial objectives are aligned with market opportunities

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