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Complete concierge service

Free yourself from constraints of time, availability, stress and mental load in order to concentrate on other projects or activities. This is about providing you with a complete service, all you have to do is receive your income every month. In short, our complete concierge service offers a solution to optimize the rental experience for both owners and travelers.

Reasons to appeal
to a complete concierge service

A complete concierge service offers a turnkey solution for rental management, giving you peace of mind while maximizing the profitability of your investment. We can manage both year-round rentals (according to regulatory limits) and rentals for a shorter period (3 months minimum)


Time saving

Managing a rental, especially a short-term rental, is very time-consuming. Our concierge service takes care of all rental-related tasks, from managing listings to welcoming travelers, freeing up your time.


Professional experience

Our comprehensive concierge services specialize in rental management and offer expertise aimed at increasing the attractiveness and profitability of your property. We apply our best practices to optimize listings, set the right rates, and manage reservations efficiently.


Quality of service

By providing a professional welcome and quality services to travelers, such as cleaning, provision of linens, and assistance during their stay, our concierge service improves the traveler experience, which aims to achieve better customer reviews and loyalty.


Manage as you would like your property to be managed

We look after your property as we would our own property which belongs to us personally. We are committed to ensuring that your property is managed as you would, and that starts with knowing your property as well as you do.


Financial optimization

By maximizing the occupancy rate and adjusting rental rates according to demand and the season, our concierge service aims to optimize rental income. In addition, we apply methods to minimize vacancy periods.

Our pricing is commission-based, so we work hand in hand to maximize your rental income.

Commission-based pricing

20% of nightly income
for year-round rentals

22% of nightly income
for rentals of 3 months minimum


Creation of the ad on our various distribution platforms, including taking into account passenger feedback for improvement


Complete highlighting of the best assets of your home.

Let's provide completeness of your property


Managing guest requests before, during and after their stay, including review requests and responses


Control of arrivals and departures to ensure that reception and exit rules are respected, thus ensuring that travelers' stay begins and ends with impeccable accommodation.


The property is cleaned up by our teams, who are constantly trained to apply our proven methods for short-term rental cleaning.


Management and laundry of household linens (bed, bath and kitchen)

We use and supply our own linens


Refill of welcome consumables

Basic elements in the kitchen, toilet, and bathroom


Optimization of your rental income.

Adjustments to prices per night and duration to increase your rental income month by month


We take care of your home so that it is as you entrusted it to us.

Management of repairs and coordination of the whole

Portrait de femme aux cheveux gris

Get an estimate of your potential income

We offer you a personalized financial projection so that you can understand the potential income from your property.

Merci pour votre demande, nous revenons vers vous dans les prochaines 24 à 48 heures en semaine !

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