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Amis en randonnée

Complete rental management

Opting for complete rental management is a wise decision if you want to maximize the efficiency and profitability of your real estate investment without devoting yourself to the multiple daily tasks and responsibilities involved in managing a property. In our management, we ensure that financial and legal aspects are taken into account, our objective being to enable you to increase your rental income through complete optimization of the property, occupancy and appropriate pricing. Making a complete delegation also means preserving and enhancing your real estate assets in the long term, all while benefiting from peace of mind.

We guide you in the choice of rental management that adapts to your strategy

By choosing our complete rental management service, we ensure both your satisfaction and that of the tenants in order to enhance and preserve your property. Using our services means choosing hassle-free management, which respects your investment objectives and your quality requirements, while optimizing your rental income.

Our rental management methods

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Year-round management

Year-round rental management aims to optimize the occupancy of the property, to guarantee the regular flow of rental income, and to maintain the property in good condition, while offering you peace of mind, we take care of all the daily rental concerns.

This service saves you time and energy, while ensuring that your investment is managed professionally and efficiently.

This management mode is ideal for studios, T1 and for certain T2. It is also ideal for homes located in very tense areas.

Optimized management

This is an innovative and flexible formula designed to maximize the profitability of your real estate investment. This approach is specially adapted to both shared accommodation and standard furnished accommodation, offering a unique solution on the current market. Our service stands out for its ability to dynamically adapt to market fluctuations, allowing you to switch between long-term rental and short-term rental during off-peak periods of the year. This strategy aims to eliminate periods of rental vacancy, thus ensuring a continuous flow of rental income.

This management method is particularly suitable for accommodation from one T2 and all shared accommodation.

Complete rental management composed of 2 parts

1. A complete service to manage your property and your tenant: before, during and after their departure

Services included

Tenant search

Search for a tenant, including drafting the rental lease, the security deposit agreement, receipt of the security deposit and preparation of the entry inventory

75% of one month's rent all charges included

Professional cleaning

We plan and clarify with future tenants the integration of these services into the rental charges. Our intervention also ensures detection of any anomaly, allowing rapid intervention to preserve your property.

39 € / hour

State of fixtures

We are responsible for establishing the exit inventory and verifying its compliance with that of the entry. We manage with the tenant any discrepancy in the inventory, and possibly the restoration. Following this we establish and close the accounts to return the security deposit

96 € / hour

2. Rental management : 2 choices
Day-to- day management of housing: rent, management of actual charges, administrative management, management of tenant requests, maintenance management

Year-round management - more info

For shared accommodation

35 € / room / month of tenant's presence

For furnished apartments

7% of one month's rent all charges included

Optimized management - more info

For shared accommodation

35 € / room / month of tenant's presence

For furnished apartments

7% of one month's rent all charges included

Switching to short-term rental

20% of nightly income

Request the implementation of your complete rental management

We offer you a personalized solution so that you can make the right choice in the rental management method offered.

Merci pour votre demande, nous revenons vers vous dans les prochaines 24 à 48 heures en semaine !

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