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A la carte concierge services for short-term rentals

Each accommodation and owner is unique, we allow you to delegate the tasks you want by choosing the concierge services you need. You maintain control over the elements that are important to you to manage. This is also how you optimize your rental profitability.

Confortablement à la maison
Announcement management

Whether to manage an existing ad or create a completely new one, our teams take care of ensuring that the descriptions are completely exhaustive and up to date in order to improve the visibility of your ad. We take into account feedback from traveler reviews to improve the existing

149 € / the 1st ad
Professional cleaning
and laundry management

Our staff are trained in our proven methods of cleaning in shared accommodation, short-term rentals, and also at the end of construction. In addition, we manage and launder household linen (bedding, bath and kitchen) when it comes to short-term rentals.

Contact us - depending on surface area and number of beds
Taking photos

Many travelers rely on photos to make their reservation choices. High-quality photos immediately captivate potential renters, highlight your property's unique features, and create a lasting impression that increases your chances of booking

from €149 for a studio
Automated check-in/check-out system

Providing independent access to your property makes it more attractive for short-term rentals and increases its security thanks to customizable access codes, allowing you to know from your smartphone who and when someone enters your accommodation.

Consult us
Revenue Optimization

We adjust rental prices based on demand and market trends, maximizing your income. This approach allows you to optimize the occupancy rate and the profit of your property by adapting the rates to the high and low season periods.

Consult us
and repair

Whether it is the installation of a thermostat for remote heating control, the establishment of a boiler maintenance contract, a technician visit for internet, electricity, gas or water or to keep your home spotless, we are available

Consult us

Contact us for a quick set-up of your short-term rental service

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You can also contact us on 09 70 70 95 22

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