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Our consulting activities

With our experiences as real estate investors and our in-depth knowledge on the subject, we understand the challenges and expectations of owners.

This allows us to offer you an approach to consulting that correlates with the reality on the ground.

Investor support

The viability of a project is assessed on a set of technical, physical, legal, regulatory and financial parameters. We bring together the various experts in our network to provide you with advice from specialists knowledgeable in their fields in their field.

How does support allow you to have peace of mind even before acquiring your rental project?

Profitability study

Whether you already have a property in your possession or wish to acquire one, your decision to acquire or optimize profitability must be made in correlation with measures that allow you to compare the comparable.

What is the right rental profitability to aim for and how can we improve it?


Whether you are in the process of optimizing existing spaces, redistribution or complete renovation, both are equally relevant depending on the configuration and location of the property.

How can you optimize furnishings and m² in an intelligent and economical way in order to generate income quickly while limiting your costs in terms of load?

Energy renovation

Energy issues impact all rentals, beyond the obligations of the law, a thermal strainer has an influence on your rental and the resulting charges.

How can you do the right work to save money in the long term without needing to do all the work?


The so-called net net profitability is that which we obtain after payment of taxes. Your tax status strongly influences your taxation and profitability.

What choice should you make between direct ownership, in an SCI with corporate tax (IS) on income (IR), in a family SARL and holding company?

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