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A la carte services for rental management

Our services allow you to specifically select the services you need to manage your property, while offering you flexibility and the possibility of more active management. This option is ideal for owners who wish to be partially involved in rental management while delegating certain tasks.

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Tenant search

Marketing of the property, including creating an ad, taking photos of the accommodation, publishing on specialized platforms and social networks, managing inquiries and visits.

Selection of candidates based on rigorous criteria and in compliance with current law, particularly on discrimination.

In order to quickly rent, we take care of the choice of tenants.

This service ends with the signing of the lease and the organization of the entry inventory.

1 month's rent including charges
Professional cleaning

Investing in a cleaning service for your furnished rentals is a strategic approach that boosts tenant satisfaction and increases your rental income by reducing turnover, while preserving the value of your property in the long term. Regular cleaning ensures that the accommodation is kept in good condition and allows any anomalies to be quickly detected. We also suggest that your tenants take advantage of our services for a thorough cleaning before the exit inventory, thus helping to protect any dispute.

€39/hour of cleaning for a one-off intervention.
Contact us to set up a suitable monthly package
Inventory of fixture

Inventory of fixture at the entry : each defect, damage or particular aspect of the property is noted in a detailed report, accompanied by photos, to serve as a reference.

Inventory of fixture at the exit : we can make exit inventory even if we have not done the entry inventory. Any changes, damage or wear beyond normal wear and tear are identified. This determines responsibilities for necessary repairs or cleanings and influences the return of the security deposit to the tenant.

€110 per intervention
Administrative management

This includes all the administrative tasks necessary for the rental of your property to run smoothly.

This may involve the preparation or updating of rental contracts, the management of rent receipts, the monitoring of rent payments and charges, as well as the completion of your tenants' CAF forms.

Rental administrative management aims to ensure a clear and compliant relationship between the owner and tenant, minimizing legal and financial risks for you.

40 € / shared room
8% including tax for furnished accommodation
Rental charge management

Using a third party such as us allows you to transparently and accurately calculate rental charges that will reassure your tenant . This involves the collection, calculation, and allocation of costs generated by the use, maintenance, and services associated with the property, provided the lease allows it. Regularization is carried out, based on actual costs, requiring either reimbursement from the owner or a request for additional payment from tenants.

Consult us
Housing rehabilitation

Damage is noticed after the departure of your tenants and you need to repair the accommodation before being able to rent it again? We are able to assist with a variety of tasks such as deep cleaning all rooms, repairing damage caused by the previous tenant, painting walls if necessary to freshen up the space, and sometimes updating or the replacement of equipment or furniture to keep the property attractive and functional.

This rehabilitation aims to maintain the value and attractiveness of the property on the rental market.

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