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Pascal Ly

President - co-founder

Rental real estate has been a family affair for Pascal since 1993. From a young age, Pascal was involved in the renovation work of family acquisitions, as well as in administrative tasks, thus cultivating lived experience and fundamentals in rental real estate. This formative period lasted until the late 1990s, laying the foundation for his future trajectory in rental real estate.

The year 2001 marked a significant milestone, Pascal made his first acquisition of a rental property in Roubaix. This first investment proved fruitful, generating positive cash flow from the start, a significant achievement which testifies to its ability to identify lucrative opportunities. He then continued this momentum, expanding his portfolio in the Lille metropolis with carefully selected acquisitions, all characterized by positive cash flow. However, Pascal gradually delegated the renovation work to concentrate more on the financial aspect of his investments, optimizing his cash flow.

Simultaneously with his commitment to real estate, Pascal is at the very beginning of his professional career in the technology sector, in the field of digital marketing consulting and operational strategy with renowned agencies and firms in the Lille and Paris region. . Pascal moved to Asia for nine years, during which he maintained and managed his real estate in France with the help of his family and thanks to effective management methods that he had put in place, allowing self- successful management of its real estate portfolio.

Upon his return to France in 2019, Pascal immediately resumed his real estate activities, focusing on innovative strategies such as shared accommodation and short-term rentals. These new avenues have not only allowed it to continue to grow its real estate portfolio but have also refined its expertise in these specific areas of rental real estate, demonstrating its adaptability and commitment to the constant evolution of the markets.

He will be happy to chat with you over tea, don't hesitate to contact him!

Pascal Ly

Business card
n°CPI 5906 2023 000 000 000 078 issued by the CCI of Grand Lille

We can be reached at 09 70 70 95 22

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