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Jessica Delcour

Jessica Delcour

Director - co-founder

Jessica stands out for her commitment to carrying out each project with an ambition for excellence.

His career began in the senior services sector, an experience which refined his sensitivity to individual needs and strengthened his listening skills. Motivated by the desire for positive impact, she turned to personal services, where her innovation and creativity allow her to redefine quality standards in the field.

Her meticulous approach, based on the rigor of procedures and impeccable quality control, propelled her in her career, allowing her to run her own personal services agency for a major player in the SAP market.

Recognized for her attentiveness and her ability to respond effectively to needs, she recently led a team of 16 people dedicated to maintenance, cleaning and laundry management, both in main residences and for short-term or post rentals. -construction site.

Reliability being at the heart of its values, Jessica only recruits individuals who share this same requirement, thus ensuring superior quality service to its customers.

Jessica has an extremely keen eye for detail, a valuable quality that allows her to detect even the most subtle imperfections in homes. This ability goes well beyond simple fault identification; she also uses it to design and implement thoughtful developments that transform and enhance each space. His meticulous approach ensures that each accommodation is not only functional, but also offers an attractive aesthetic and a welcoming ambiance. This combination of vigilance and creativity makes Jessica a professional capable of unlocking the full potential of each property, endowing it with an allure and charm that seduces and inspires.

Jessica will be happy to demonstrate to you the results of the services linked to short-term rental and furnishing services, testing it will approve it.

Jessica Delcour

Professional collaborator
n°ADC 5906 2024 0000 00003 issued by the CCI of Grand Lille

We can be reached at 09 70 70 95 22

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