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Energy renovation

The very essence of energy renovation in a home is to carry out improvement work on the building to reduce its energy consumption and increase its efficiency. From a long-term rental investment perspective, it is relevant to target work to achieve at least label D. Going beyond this is good for the planet but it will have an inverse impact on your rental profitability. Being below this means no longer being able to rent your property from January 1, 2025 in label G, January 1, 2028 in label F, and January 1, 2034 in label E.

Our approach to energy renovation allows you to target the essential energy elements to obtain the D label.

Impartiality is total, we start from our own energy audit at the start of the construction site. At the end of the work, you choose the diagnostician of your choice to confirm the energy performance, and thus have peace of mind when it comes to the energy label obtained.

Our approach


Start with an energy audit

The result of the energy audit serves as a starting point for establishing our action plan. It differs from an energy diagnosis: while the latter reports the current situation, the audit, for its part, makes it possible to identify the weaknesses of the building in terms of insulation, heating, ventilation, and lighting.


Project planning

The action plan is designed around the work to be carried out as a priority and to define those which will allow the minimum D label to be obtained.


Choice of professionals and financing

To benefit from financial aid aimed at reducing the cost of the work, it is imperative to choose an RGE (Recognized Environmental Guarantor) certified craftsman for all types of work planned. On the other hand, if you are not looking for financial aid, you can opt for craftsmen without certification.

The main distinction between these two choices lies in the final cost of the work.

Regardless of whether you opt for an RGE-certified craftsman or not, the final energy label for your project will correspond to the one we determined together during the planning phase.

Within our network of partner craftsmen, we collaborate with both RGE certified professionals and non-certified craftsmen.


Project management and validation

We schedule the work, and ensure that deadlines, budget and planned work are respected.

At the end of the work, we welcome the technical diagnostician of your choice, independent and unrelated to us, so that the latter can carry out a new DPE to measure the improvements made and verify that the expected results in terms of energy performance have been achieved.

Our other consulting activities

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to comply with current regulations and avoid bans on the rental of energy-intensive housing

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