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Paul Remy

Rental Manager Assistant

Paul is a promising and talented employee who is personally involved in the field of rental real estate.

Already at this early stage of his career, he harbors the ambition of making his first rental investment soon.

With deep commitment, Paul takes a personalized and careful approach to the management of his real estate portfolio, treating each property with the same care and attention as he would his own home. This devotion not only underlines his seriousness in business but also promises exceptional and attentive management of the assets in his portfolio.

Having your property managed by Paul means knowing that your property is in good hands, and that tenants and travelers receive quality service.

Paul Remy

Professional collaborator
n°ADC 5906 2024 0000 00004 issued by the CCI of Grand Lille

We can be reached at 09 70 70 95 22

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