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Clear pricing

Detailed management report sent every month

Our commission = (Price of night x number of nights reserved) x 20% for a year-round rental

Example for a nightly price of €100 for a stay of 3 nights, and a cleaning of €60

Our commission = (100€ x 3 nights) x 20% = 60 €

Your gross rental income = €300 - €60 = €240 (excluding platform fees)

Your net rental income, which we pay to your bank account, will be adjusted according to the fees of each platform, and determined by them. For direct bookings with us, no platform fees are applied, so you save these costs.

For example, on Airbnb, fees can range from 3% to 17% depending on the options chosen, especially if the fees are shared between the host and the guests. If costs are shared, Airbnb takes 3% commission from the host.

Airbnb platform fees = €360 * 3% = €10.80

Your net rental income = €240 (gross rental income) - €10.80 (Airbnb fees) = €229.20 or 76.40% of your nightly income

Our management objective: optimize your short-term rental income month after month

Office and stationery

Mettre en place votre conciergerie complète

Merci pour votre demande, nous revenons vers vous dans les prochaines 24 à 48 heures en semaine !

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